Andrea St. JeanLooking for a new job or a new career path can be difficult; planning one's career path in changing times is often a challenge. I can help.

Maybe you’ve been unsatisfied at work for awhile but, try as you may, you can’t figure out what else to pursue that would make you happier. Maybe you have been sending out resume after resume and getting nowhere. Many people are looking for more than “just a job” but don’t know how their interests could translate into a paid profession. Have your previous attempts to find a new job or career been derailed by life and you’re feeling stuck?

You are not alone! It may be time to consider using a career marketing professional to help you find a job that is a right fit rather than a quick fix. By addressing both the emotional and strategic dimensions of career change,  I can help empower you to choose the work you love, find a new job, and take control of your career development.

I assist clients in every stage of work transition. Whether job-to-job change, college to career, time-off to part-time work, or mid-career change, I can provide:

  • A proven methodology and practical strategies that speed up your search
  • Supportive direction to leverage your job search efforts and make you a more competitive candidate
  • Valuable insight to help you choose a career path that is satisfying and rewarding

To foster your success, I will guide you step-by-step through each stage of the career search process from self-assessment through market research to interviewing and salary negotiation. By defining your goals, keeping your focus, and committing to manageable action items, you will move quickly along the road to success.

Andrea helped me understand what I wanted and what I had to offer to prospective employers. She helped me completely rethink my job search strategy and renewed my confidence in myself. Your ability to help me navigate the job search process was invaluable.

- Peter C.,
Virginia Beach, VA
Network Engineer

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